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Book of memories is a spinoff title of the popular survivalhorror franchise silent hill. An example of jamess manifested sexual frustration as pyramid head. He is believe to be there from adam shepherds guilt. Book of memories contains a large amount of puzzles and hands on combat along with the ability to use a magic type attack. Pyramid head, referred to as the big red pyramid thing by james, is a very strong, and very evil monster in silent hill 2 pyramid head takes the form of a large wellbuilt male with a massive. The obsidian goblet silent hill historic society in the room with the nearly endless staircase. Since its creation, pyramid head has become one of the most wellknown and iconic monsters in the franchise, turning into something of a. Here the player learns how to fight by brutally stabbing a man to death in a prison shower. Unlike pyramid head and the butcher, the bogeyman does not drag his weapon across the ground. Who pyramid head is silent hill mythology duration. It features a playercreated protagonist who receives the titular book on their birthday, which contains their entire life story, and makes changes to it with unforeseen and. Book of memories is the first silent hill to stray from the survivalhorror formula the series is synonymous with. Or do i just use it and have an easy three rooms and now its.

Book of memories playstation vita certified refurbished. The games story is allnew, with a lead character that is completely customizable to the players liking in the beginning of the game. Pyramid head also appeared as a costume for the playstation home. When you first enter the building, you will jump to a mysterious room.

Pyramid heads most recent appearance was in 2012s silent hill. If you want to leave oogles a tip for writing this silent hill 2 guide you can do so here. James sunderland is the protagonist of silent hill 2. The battle goes on until a siren rings out, and pyramid head makes his way down the stairs. Book of memories is the video game equivalent of a filibuster, and by the fourth level it just starts reading ingredients on soup cans and hoping you leave. I have tried to include their origin detail as best as i can find.

Downpour, the eighth game in konamis silent hill franchise, follows the story of prison inmate murphy pendleton and his visit to the best vacation town that satan ever built during a routine transfer to a new prison, the bus transporting murphy crashes, which leaves him a free man. Search around to find a safe in the living room and a clogged toilet in the bathroom. There is a total of seven dungeons altogether with a different memories for each one. So u can have a weapon that 1 shot kills everything, but it wont kill even a rat because that rat is suppose to be in the game later in a cut scene. It says below the image on the silent hill 2 section. Book of memories, where he is a monster that can spawn randomly to fight the player. Either way, i still have a soft spot for pyramid head, and find myself crossing my fingers every time a new silent hill title hits the shelves. If youre the type of silent hill fan who will point and clap at pyramid head and. Regardless, he has received a mysterious letter in marys handwriting, claiming that she is waiting for him in their special place. Some are still available to purchase or even preorder from various websites. James sunderlands subconscious used the image of him to punish him for what he had done. Silent hill revelation, pyramid head fight scene, one of many good effects from a horror movie. Konami have long sinced outsourced from the original team silent who made the psone and ps2 titles that we know and love, instead focusing on giving developers the freedom of their own takes on the franchise, for better or worse. Book of memories is a 2012 dungeon crawler video game developed by wayforward technologies and published by konami.

Book of memories on the playstation vita with no commentary zone 1, fire world. Silent hill revelation pyramid head fight mert mutlay. Book of memories has been a controversial release, despised almost from the outset by fans who viewed it as a betrayal of the series, an abandonment of. The only thing that usually worked for me to defeat him was the rusty axe. Pyramid head or red pyramid thing is a monster and in two cases, a duo of monsters that debuted in silent hill 2 as one of the primary antagonists. If the role of pyramid head is to make james accept the truth and help him redeem his sins then it doesnt really make much sense for ph to be. Then try to go through the other door in the room to find ernest behind the door. With a security officer from the transport on his trail, a desperate murphy tries to escape from. So do you hold onto it for the bosses, or pyramid head if i walk into a room with him. Murphy encounters him several times throughout his trek through silent hill, menacing. The bogeyman is an antagonist who appears in silent hill. Therein lies the main problem with book of memories.

Silent hill cheats, codes, easter eggs, glitchs, tips, and codes for psx. Pyramid head is unlike most of the enemy characters in silent hill 2. After the two pyramid head fight youll go through a few rooms before reaching the final room. Book of lost memories in south vale west texxon gas station, search the newspaper stands.

This fight has some of the most wicked sounding music ive heard in the sh series. Shattered memories and went for the slightly cheaper ps2 port, assuming that the two games would look identical. Id say the worst for me was pyramid head in round 1. Shattered memories bad silent hill but good game, bad puzzles, repetitive and not scary but the phycological parts are fun homecoming ripped off silent hill 2, bad graphics, use of pyramid head, ok monsters, good boss fight in scarlet, good music downpour not scary, monster designs are terrible, boring exploration, bad puzzles, no akira. The game has monsters like faceless nurses, the butcher from. Silent hill revelation pyramid head final fight scene. Also see gameshark codes, action replay codes for more silent hill cheat codes jump to. Pyramid head will come from behind you and maria and start to attack maria. The story begins with a strange book that is received and inside that book is your entire life story to this point, everything thats ever happened to you. Between setbacks, repetition, and just plain poor design, silent hill. Only once does he stab at alex, but then alex wakes up from a dream.

Dont you want to beat up pyramid head with a guitar. But when i picked up my copy of book of memories, i found myself wondering if were even possible for konami to deliver a miniaturized version of americas favorite ghost town to sonys new portable console. Silent hill book of memories information versions credits guide characters walkthrough puzzles endings character profile abilities rooms traps weapons artifacts items accessories notes bestiary extras trophies media screenshots concept art videos. The playstation vita title lets four players team up and fight horrors from silent hill. Book of memories is the first game to enable multiplayer abilities. Book of memories as he is the one who gives the player character. Pyramid head was once the executioner in the old cult of silent hill. Pyramid heads long, rusty blade, slow to swing but. Homecoming is another game you dont have to fight pyramid head. The series gave us such horror staples as the faceless nurse, pyramid head, and the fog that never goes away. Silent hill has become a somewhat tricky ip to handle. James eventually discovers that his journey through silent hill has a very personal slant, as the town forces him to confront his fears, vices, and guilt via a number of increasinglysymbolic monsters, most notably pyramid head a muscular butcher in a pyramidshaped helmet who rapes his fellow monsters and stalks james through the town many fans and critics alike regard silent hill 2 note.

Book of memories ps vita walkthrough part 25 earth. With it came a new direction in gaming that effectively defined the. Born in a time when games were all about cheap thrills and quick bucks came silent hill. Silent hill is a horror videogame series that used the fog effect to its advantage, reinforcing the idea that what you dont see scares you more. The bogeyman is the first and so far only playable monster in the silent hill series, save for alex shepherds alternate costume in silent hill. Released for the playstation vita, it is a spinoff of the silent hill video game series. This is an absolute slog to get through, throwing the same sort of enemies and the same sort of rooms at you with the same sort of weapons over and over and over again. I will upload more just to show the different effects they used. He served as murphy pendletons personal tormentor, akin to that of pyramid head or the butcher, though not as exclusively as the latter two. Book of memories falls short as both a dungeoncrawler and a horror. The environments certainly look like silent hill, though they lack the atmosphere. Silent hill 2 vampire masquerade alien isolation fight the power pantomime bioshock deviantart video games dark art. Since silent hill 2 pyramid head has become an icon in horror video games and has made other appearances in other silent hill games and media. He was seen throughout silent hill, stalking james tenaciously.

Pyramid head is a character from the horror video game, silent hill 2. Ok you all have played other games, they dont let you break the story line and u guys know that. A lot of people i know skipped the wii version of silent hill. Pyramid head s most recent appearance was in 2012s silent hill. Book of memories on the playstation vita, a gamefaqs message board topic titled general walk through, enemy guide, and ending guide requests sticky. Since this movie as stupid as it is, is a loose adaptation to silent hill 3, heather is basically alessa in human form, the person practically all the monsters and cultists of silent hill worships. General walk through, enemy guide, and ending guide. Since adam is alexs father, pyramid head does not attack alex in the game.

Pyramid head silent hill collection wiki guide ign. Silent hill taught us that zombies are not the only thing you can build a successful horror franchise on. It is a lengthy fight, but after taking enough damage from james, the pyramid. A total of 4 players can play together at any given time. You will fight pyramid head three times during silent hill 2. The book of lost memories texxacon gas station, in a locker near the car with the steel pipe. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. Whenever theres the words silent and hill put together, one can assume theres some real spooky shit afoot. The fight against the truth that his wife has died, james must escape the lumbering demon red pyramid a. Silent hill revelation 3d boxset with pyramid head statue.

After the 3rd stage you will fight a boss and collect the final note for that. As the game begins, james remarks that his wife, mary shepherdsunderland, has been dead for three years. Attack by mageflower on deviantart silent hill 2, vampire masquerade, alien isolation, fight. Book of memories has all the struggle of a survival horror game with none of the payoff. Blue creek apartments silent hill collection wiki guide. Enter the study and read the lost memories book on the stand. The game has monsters like faceless nurses, the butcher from silent hill. Book of memories is an allnew game in the silent hill series, with a unique premise and storyline.

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