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List of television shows considered the worst wikipedia. Now that the return of the xfiles is upon us, its the perfect time to revisit all nine seasons and 202 episodes of the original series before were thrust back into the world of fox mulder and dana scully and walter skinner and john doggett and, yes, monica reyes. The xfiles mini series from worst to best anorakzone. I saw a phrase about everyone knows them in the post about whether new watchers should watch the old episodes and im curious what.

Some of its episodes are great, and others are pretty bad. Nina offers her selection of the 10 best xfiles episodes of all time. Now that the return of the xfiles is upon us, its the perfect time to revisit all nine seasons and 202 episodes of the original series before. The best and worst episodes of the xfiles ians movie. Most of the episodes lead nowhere and featured a small time. In case the titular abbott and costello reference didnt tip you off, darin morgans weremonster is one of the all time funniest xfiles installments and among the most profound. These are the 15 weirdest xfiles episodes of all time. Every episode of the xfiles, ranked from worst to best. Those who know me know that id rewatch even the worst episode again in a heartbeat, but this was a good exercise to kind of see where i stand. The xfiles is one of the most beloved science fiction television programs of all time. Most boring episode ever that had literally no implications on the show whatsoever. Dod kalm 10395 mulder and scully investigate a navy ship caught in an area of the norwegian sea where everything ages rapidly due to a high level of free radicals in the sea water. Wanted to see what you guys thought was the worst episode of one of the coolest shows ever.

I love this show, and most of the episodes are great, but some were not so great. Mulder was the worst fbi agent of all time actor teases road ahead for he and costar gillian anderson in six episode return of fox cult franchise. In this episode, we learn that the firstever xfile had to do with werewolves, so, of course, where else would mulder and scullys current case. I first stumbled onto the xfiles as a year old kid, looking for. Every episode of the xfiles, ranked from worst to best vulture. This time, we sort through the best and worst of foxs landmark scifi series. The xfiles reboot or tenth season, if you will has come and gone and the reception was decidedly mixed.

Its all terrible, and one of the worst episodes of the xfiles. Running for nine seasons and just over 200 episodes from 19932002, the xfiles is arguably one of the most important and influential tv showsnot just of the 90sbut of all time. The first episode of the x files is one of the greatest pilots of any show. To successfully compose an objective top 15 episodes list of a cult show as great as the xfiles is virtually impossible. Fans have picked their favorite xfiles episodes of all time, ranking them best to worst. Just some of the delights of what may well be the grimmest xfiles episode of all time. With the 25th anniversary of the premiere of the xfiles upon us, alyse wax has ranked the shows 25 best episodes. Facebook messenger click the button below and wait for a. But if you dont have time to bingewatch 200 episodes, you could just stick with these 10 standouts. The original xfiles series ran from 19932002 and followed fbi agents fox mulder and dana. Just the very fact that so many of those lists exist on the internet, and they all have different episodes in their top 15, or top 10, is a testament to how many great episodes.

The xfiles ran from 19932002, and was such a popular series here at the. So, you dont have to be an aficionado of the alien phenomenon. About this time last year, give or take a month, i presented the top ten episodes of the x files. With the xfiles celebrating its 25th anniversary today, what better time to dust off, and shine up, our picks for the greatest standalone episodes from the show ever. Consider it a handy guide before you crack open the proverbial filing. Ranking every season from worst to best a complete evaluation of chris carters longrunning scifi saga by michael roffman, justin gerber and mckenzie gerber. To celebrate, heres a rundown on the best of the xfiles from the scariest episode to its most ghastly villain. This was my favourite show in high schoolmy fandom was embarrassing to look back on and viewing it again many years later was an interesting experience. The 5 best and 5 worst episodes of the xfiles screenrant. This list of all xfiles episodes, ranked, will allow diehard fans of the lone gunmen to vote up the best xfiles episodes, and vote down the worst xfiles episodes. I know there is a whole generation of younger people out in the world that havent experienced the xfiles yet. If you were even remotely weird or spooky in the 1990s, then you were surely a fan of the xfiles. When groucho marx said, they cant all be gems, he was, prophetically speaking, talking about the 25 worst seasons of great tv shows. This is an episode all about killer artificial intelligence.

The 10 freakiest and creepiest characters ever, ranked. The best and worst episodes of the xfiles earlier this year i rewatched the entire series of the xfiles on bluray. No list of notable xfiles episodes is complete without a mention of darin morgan, who wrote four multilayered, tragicomic teleplays for the series that made him seem like a smallscreen charlie. Before bad blood was the name of a taylor swift music video riddled with pop stars, it. What then follows is some of the worst writing ever seen in an xfiles episode. I once watched this episode three times in one day and cried each time. Its a wonderful episode that flips the believerskeptic duo. The xfiles had some outstanding moments over its nineseason run. In the early 90s, the xfiles was a cultural happening, right up there with pogs and the bartman. It hit at a perfect moment, spawning catchphrases and racy fan fiction that.

However, there are so many plot holes in this episode that it insults the viewers. The paranoia present in every episode of the xfiles is driven to alltime heights in this installment, where mulder and scully are at the brink of insanity. The best, worst and weirdest of the xfiles by sara n. Check out 25 of the shows best standalone episodes to get started in this spooky series. Now, eight years since the last xfiles movie eight years in which patience for racial caricatures in hollywood has dwindled significantly, though of course not entirely agents scully and mulder are returning to the small screen in a sixepisode miniseries, which debuts january 24. I always enjoy the time i spend with mulder and scully. Its not the greatest episode of all time, but it sets up the series premise perfectly, and is a great introduction to the characters. One of the most disturbing episodes of the xfiles ever sees scully stumble across a utah cult that worships a sluglike creature they believe to be the second coming of christ. Despite a walloping 208 episodes to its name, xfiles is one of those shows where one can blissfully cherrypick episodes as they see fit. The show was a critical and commercial failure from the beginning and was canceled by the network after 11 episodes. An 8yearold girl is the prime suspect in a series of bizarre, seemingly unrelated deaths. Season 2 is created by chris carter, and it stars david duchovny and gillian anderson in a science fiction drama about the xfiles being gone, and so mulder david duchovny and.

Every time i scrolled through this list, i wanted to rearrange episodes. I have a hard time picking any episode i actually hate. Since 2000, 20th century fox home entertainment has distributed all seasons on dvd, 14 and episodes are also available for download at the itunes store 15 and amazon video, 8 and are available for streaming on hulu. My pick is easily season 4, the field where i died. To his credit, he managed to write a few inspired episodes with. The 9 episodes that will get you hooked on the xfiles. I only watched it once, when it aired in 2000, and i. It also had some moments that were kind of turkeys. Many mythology collections of the xfiles episodes have been released on dvd.

Throw in some lackluster special effects and not actually seeing whats happening on the space shuttle, and you have one bad xfiles episode. Season six was a big shift in tone, and even location, for the series. With the 10 episode season 11 set to premiere on wednesday, january 3, now is the perfect time to take a trip down memory lane and remember all of the goriest, bloodiest monsters. Well technically it was a twopart edition with twenty episodes, because it was so hard to pick. Even if you were just a casual fan of pop culture or popular tv, then youve at least heard of the exploits of fbi agents fox mulder and dana scully, played by david duchovny and. Catch the xfiles movies saturday, january 23rd starting at 12. As the 11th season of the xfiles approaches, we look back at 10 of the shows best episodes.

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