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Since they are integrated you wont need hardtoget midi peripherals to hook it up to your synthesizer or sequencer. It features four applications, supports sync24 and lacks midi support. It was the amiga which first got me into music production via the amazing tracker series of software. Drummer operates as a standalone editor or as a vsti plugin on windows. Mssiah midi software has a new adapter called the savyour. An adventure simulator rpg in which the player takes the role of a cryptozoologist trying to proof the existence of the loch ness monster. In addition to the standard sid functions, it offers four software synth engines. Filmage screen is an allinone screen recording and video editing software, allowing you to make videos amazing. Prophet64 is a sid music software cartridge for the commodore 64. The prophet64 is replaced with the fully midi compatible. The development was started in 1996 and after 8 years this version was finished and published by. Commodore c64 mssiah retro 8bit sid sounds reborn online.

Are you tired of virtual synthesizers, samplers and wavetable machines. Its a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at. Currently the savyour is marked down 10 euros im also assuming us dollars. The sid is a synthetizer chip built to give a voice to the classic home computer commodore 64. Sid to midi is a windows command line program that converts sid files into midi files. Prophet64 is a sid music software cartridge for the commodore 64, created sometime in the early 2000s. The midibox sid is an open hardware diy project, inspired by the classic sid chiptune sounds of the commodore 64. It uses the same conversion engine of the command line program which offers impressive sound midis. Anyone rocking the mssiah c64 midi cartridge ekt general. Hypersid hw unit is a hardware synthesizer based on c64 sid chip.

As a sid music composing tool the mssiah sequencer breaks the barrier between old computers and modern producers. On this web page you can find the latest news about the computer brand commodore. Plouge chip sounds yes heresy, but still sounds pretty good. Alm has introduced the sid guts a new eurorack module basd on the sound generator chip used in the commodore 64. The dubstep bass was achieved using the mono synth module in mssiah tied into logic, using midi triggers from. Modified commodore 64 dual 8580 sid build for mssiah and kerberos. Changsha hotone audio co ltd behind hotone audio is a group of people passionate about music. The program supports a large array of arguments for customizing the quality and length of the output and does a pretty impressive job. Loch ness was originally composed as a soundtrack for a never finished 2012 commodore 64 loch ness spotter simulator videogame. In a nutshell, the mssiah is five music applications and a midi interface all inside a single rom. In 2007 midibox sid v2 has been developed which replaced the old version. Mssiah is an update to prophet64, that includes midi features and a. Justin is having a fun time playing with the nintendo virtual boy that was on hand at the meeting thanks to c64 club member marcus.

Stupid questions i know, but is there any software than can convert an mp3 into a file playable on c64. The mssiah is a hardware cartridge for the commodore 64 and contains five different music applications. The program supports various conversion options including modifying the speed, quality, sensitivity, and converting to textbased output. Mssiah is cool but well unless you compose only on the c64, i could see it being a pain to sync to other midi synths. Best music composer software p commodore 64 c64 forum. There is news about the first generation cbmpet the vic20, c64 and c128. Users manual of midibox sid v2 provides a lot of details and additional sound samples. That or you track it, then edit the comps in audio. Mssiah, which is a fairly new suite of music software tools that also include midi.

The production delays after the chinese new year and the corona outbreak have significantly affected the availability of both mssiah and savyour. Hypersid unlocks all c64 sid chip functions and provides several modulation sources and paths. Getting ready for the c64 mssiah cartridge, midi hardware and sid software presentation. The mssiah midi sid software integrated applications and hardware is a midi cartridge for the commodore 64.

Chad checking out the c64 mssiah cartridge midi hardware and sid software presentation. Ive yet to try the sequencer as my main use for the mssiah is with the next application, the mono synthesizer. Quite cool sounds to be had bro, if you keep on failing to use it you can send me your. Mono synthesizer the clue is in the name, this is a 1 note polyphonic monosynth. Back in the day music applications were quite spartan, not the least c64 software which focused. Initiated by a comment of an user from the forum64 im testing whether there is a difference running mssiah on a 469 board or on the reloaded mk2.

Micromys v4 high quality c64 entertainment software. Playing something that sounds like jeroen tels cybernoid. It contains a suite of music applications that starts instantly as you insert the cartridge and start up the computer. The mos technology 65818580 sound interface device chip, aka the sid, was the sound generator chip used in the commodore 64 home computer. The mssiah is a midi cartridge for the commodore 64. There is no emulation here, all the sounds are generated by a real sid chip. A later version was released with a proper windows front end and unrestricted options. The sid, by the means of 3 wavetable oscillators, a. Sidwizard featureful native commodore 64 music tracker with midixm converter. Got a dualsid c64 with a mssiah and want to incorporate it into an oldschool setup triggering it through an amiga running protracker. Featureful native commodore 64 music tracker with midixm converter.

With mssiah plugged in to your c64, the applications load directly from the cartridge. Accessing midi data coming in from a c64 midi adapter. The sounds and music capabilities of the commodore 64 were really ahead at that time, and everyone of us remember the tunes of tons of games played on the c64. Are you seeking for the unique sound of the vintage homecomputer days.

Sid2sid is easy enough to make two, plus another in this cart has. In march 2010 stg published the sidblasterusb an open source, open hardware implementation of the sid that connects to and is powered by a usb port, using an ftdi chip for the usb interface and a pic to interface the sid. Supports a range of midi keyboards and synthethizer software. Sid to midi video game music preservation foundation wiki. One controls the feedback, the other can control parameters in the mssiah software. Page 1 commodore computers forums is an online community in respect and relation to chip music, art and its parallels. Since copying sid patches isnt acakewalk we went for a shortcut. The sid2sid does require you to harvest a sid from another working c64, which is a shame. And also news about the c16, c116, plus4, c64 dtv, cone and the amiga. C64 midi module or a fun internal music app to create your own sid.

First small test using mssiah on a commodore 64 single sid using the roland rd150 as a midi keyboard. Sid to midi windows applies a userinterface to the command line program of the same name, sid to midi. Mssiah drummer controller lets you control every parameter found on mssiah drummer on one single screen. With all these features you can rely on the mssiah sequencer as either a versatile c64 midi module or a fun internal music app to create your own sid music. Its so expensive and limited compared to midibox sid. Mono synthesizer controller from total kontrol is a realtime editor which allows you to control every parameter found on the mssiah mono synthesizer. Mssiah im an electronic musician and i really value having something that lets me use my 64 as multiple types of mididriven synths, as well as a full on modern daw style interface with mouse support for composing 100% on the commodore if i so choose. Mssiah cartridge midi hardware and software for the.

The mssiah mono synthesizer software is designed to be a monophonic synthesizer application imitating the behaviors of classic analog machines. Sid input is grounded when it is turned to the left. By using the prophet 64 cartridge in the c64, this homecomputer converts into a monophonic synthesizer with a tb303 style sequencer. Unfortunately we cannot estimate when sales are up again but will keep this page updated as soon as we have more info. My first commodore 64 mssiah sid midi test youtube. Mssiah midi sid software integrated applications and hardware the cartridge contains prophet64 software upgrades as well as a new killer music application and an integrated midi interface. Of course best is a relative term, but my favorites are in order. Woofer on a real c64 computer using the mssiah midi cartridge and sid software. No more frustrating sub menus, full control over 2 sid chips if installed filters and voice mapping. The prophet64 is replaced with the fully midi compatible mssiah cartridge prophet64 getting started prophet64 sequencer prophet64 mono synthesizer prophet64 bassline prophet64 drummer prophet64 free trial versions.

Running in mono mode only, the idea is to put all processing power and audio features into a one. Mssiah is short for midi sid software integrated applications and hardware and means that the cartridge contains both software and hardware to midify the c64. Sid2sid circuit board is still in stock available for purchase. Mssiah commodore 64 midi sid software test 1 youtube. Hw unit does not have user interface and preset memory, you need a software editor to access and control it.

The mssiah cartridge features an integrated midi interface and all five applications have full midi modes. Mssiah by 8bit ventures is a midi cartridge for the commodore 64. This is an official announcement of the successor to the prophet64 cartridge. Alpha moded commodore 64 with additional 4 knobs for controlling software and one pot for master volume. Please feel free to add comments, remarks, or questions in this topic. And no, simple bit crushing is not going to get you anywhere near the sid sound. In october 2009 thrashbargs project interfaced an sid chip to an atmega8 to play midi files on a mos 6581 sid. Switch the mssiah sequencer to midi mode and you now have a 6.

To avoid cluttering other threads with replies related to something i am working on at the moment i have created this topic that will cover everything related to the development of mssiah sq3, aka the vicious sid editor this thread will serve as a faq and blog of development changes and releases. Anyone rocking the mssiah c64 midi cartridge get more out of ekt by becoming one. A featureful sidmusic creation tool tracker for the commodore 64. More about magazines, competitions, music, emulators and events.

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